FORMAL ANNOUNCEMENT丨玮仕集团任命Russel Ellicott担任集团总校长

Jun 10, 2020




We proudly announced that Mr. Russel Ellicott, who is the current Principal of the Pate’s grammar school in UK, has been appointed as the SupervisoryyPrincipalby WES Group today. 

自即日起,玮仕集团特聘任英国佩特文法学院现任校长——罗素 · 埃利科特(Russel Ellicott)先生担任集团总校长。

Speech by Russel Ellicott, Supervisory Principal of WES Group

玮仕集团总校长Russel Ellicott 就任致辞

Introduction of Pate’s Grammar School 英国佩特文法学院介绍

Pate’s Grammar School is one of the UK’s ancient schools. It was founded in 1574 by Richard Pate. He used his wealth to found a school, and to support his old Oxford college, Corpus Christi. Pate’s Grammar School and Corpus Christi College still have close links because of Richard Pate.

英国佩特文法学院(Pate’s Grammar School)是英国最古老的学校之一,始建于1574年,其位于英国格洛斯特郡的切尔滕纳姆镇,是英国最美的地区之一。学院校园环境优美,设施现代,且与牛津大学圣体学院保持着密切的联系。

Pate’s is located in the town of Cheltenham in the county (province) of Gloucestershire. Cheltenham is a famous town in the UK, with many very attractive and historic buildings. Pate’s Grammar School today is based on an attractive modern campus near the edge of Cheltenham.

作为一所英国知名的公立中学,佩特学校只招收11岁到18岁的学生,其目前是英国学术上最成功的学校之一,A level成绩长居英国前10。去年,佩特在英国公立学校中排名第二。每年大约有30多名佩特学子进入牛津大学和剑桥大学,也有很多学生考取英国排名前十的其他大学。

Pate’s is a secondary public school, with students from the age of 11 until 18.Pate’s is one of the most academically successful schools in the UK, and is regularly placed among the top 10 schools in the country based on A-level results. Last year, Pate’s was the 2nd ranked public school in the UK.Pate’s also achieved great success in helping students to gain places at the top UK universities. Each year around 30 plus Pate’s students gain places at Oxford and Cambridge, and many others at top 10 British universities. The reputation of Pate’s Grammar School is based not just on its academic success but also on the pastoral care and support given to students. the Sunday Times named Pate’s Grammar School as “UK Secondary School of the Year” in 2019. Pate’s is the only government school that has now won this award twice. The award was given not just because of the school’s academic achievements, but also because of the wide range of co-curricular activities on offer and the exceptional level of support given to students.


Russel Ellicott 罗素 · 埃利科特 

  • Master in Educational Leadership at the University of London 伦敦大学教育领导学硕士
  • Principal of Pate’s Grammar School 现任英国佩特文法学校校长
  • a member of the steering group of the national “Leading Edge Partnership” 英国国家“领导力”指导小组的成员
  • Nearly 30 years of teaching and management experience in a number of famous schools 近30年教育教学及管理经验,曾在多所著名学校任职
  • the Chair of the Grammar School Heads’ Association, a National Leader of Education 担任英国语法学校校长协会主席,并被指定为全国教育领袖


Excellent Results in A-Level  联合优势:超强A-level成绩

Pate’s is one of the top A-Level schools in the UK for years. In 2019, Pate’s ranked second in the UK for A-level among all state schools, making it the best mixed state school in the country. It is reported that 30 percent of Pate’s graduates are admitted into the top universities in UK like Oxford and Cambridge each year, while most of the rest go to famous universities such as Imperial College London and London University.

佩特文法学校一直是英国A-Level成绩最好的学校之一。2019年,其在英国所有公立学校的A Level成绩中排名第二,是全英学术成绩最优秀的混合公立中学。据悉,每年佩特的毕业生中有30%可进入牛津、剑桥等顶级名校,其余大多进入帝国理工、伦敦大学等名校。

WES will take advantage of the academic ability of Pate school to enhance the quality of A-level teaching and learning in its schools with partnership in teacher training, online programmes, overseas study and university admission guidance.


University Admission Guidance 联合优势:升学指导

University admission guidance center of WES is in collaboration with the British famous Pate’s Grammar School, and is composed of professional guidance counselor team, industry experts, external institutes and the internal teachers. Therefore, we can provide multi-dimensional and multi-level help for our students and build four-year archives of admission guidance and career planning for each student recording their academic achievement, standardized test scores and teacher evaluation, etc. Each director will be responsible for 3-5 students throughout their study in SWA, so that every SWA student can achieve their full potential and find the best suitable country and university to develop their expertise.


The center will guide students in three areas, including academic counseling, college & career counseling, and individual psychological counseling.



WES Global Classroom 联合优势:共建玮希全球课堂

The purpose of WES Education is to “preach, impart knowledge and solve problems” (Han Yu, “Shi Shuo”). To preach how to be a man is the first, and then knowledge is imparted; As for solving problems, many problems can be solved only when students are equipped with the learning ability and skills. Either the teacher helps solve the puzzles, or the students themselves deliberate on and discuss the puzzles. Therefore, there will be three kinds of classes in SWA. The first class is based on small-class discussion, the second class on practice in student groups and social practice, and the third class on WES Global Class.




The third class, WES Global Class, will be a special class in our campus. Pate’s Grammar School will offer special online course to give students a closer look at the century-old school.


At the same time, Pate will provide teachers training for Shanghai WES academy, and work together to create a better teachers team , build a more excellent teaching system.


Exchange Programme Study in UK 联合优势:海外研学

WES students can not only experience the glamour of Pate’s with WES global class but also could take part in a 3-6 months’ study journey to England organized by WES academy.  They could walk to Pate’s classroom and have courses with Pate’s students, sharing the excellent teachers and perfect facilities and seeing the charm of England century education personally.


Wei (玮), precious and valuable jade. Shi (仕), lifelong learning along with the development of career. Based in China, WES Group is embracing the world. After ten years of exploration and accumulation, WES Group will have a surprising presence in Shanghai. In the spirit of “practice on hardships”, with the attitude of “perfect and sincere”, we attach great importance to the all-round development of students, with the ultimate aim to become a century-old elite school to “cultivate lifelong learners with an international perspective”.

玮,美玉也;珍而重也;仕,学也,事也;WES, Worldwide Education Services,意味着玮仕集团将立足中国,面向世界,于“事上磨炼”的精神,以“完美至诚”态度,重学生的全面发展,珍学生的格局价值观,做“培养具有国际视野的终身学习者”的百年名校。

WES Group, 

To set a goal of building a century-old elite school, 

Hand in hand with a century-old elite school, 

To write a new chapter in international education!